Mint plant natural product 100%

Of the production of the plant to dry the agricultural crops.
A high quality producer of our farms, our factories are manufactured in a safe and healthy environment and exported to all over the world.
The factory is certified by ISO 9001 – ISO 22000 – ACO – FDA

Benefits of Mint Short:
1 – helps the mint in the treatment of many digestive system problems:

– proved that the mint works to increase the secretion and activity of salivary glands and digestive enzymes, which helps the digestive system in the process of digestion, and helps in the treatment of indigestion.
– Peppermint is an appetizer and is therefore known as appetizers and is included in many cooking dishes.
– Proved that it has a role in treating the problems of irritable bowel syndrome in both children and adults and alleviate its symptoms.
– The benefits of peppermint that is soothing to the pain of colic and to calm stomach cramps, helps to overcome acidity and get rid of flatulence.